Sunday, 10 July 2016


Hello. Six whole flipping months. That's not good. Such a lot has happened. Some sad, some happy, mostly just getting on with it. 

I'll update the last few months soon but in the meantime here is one of the happies from that time. 

Meet Hugo - he is currently around 9-10 weeks old

See you soon

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pages 3 to 9

Page 3 - back to normality tomorrow. A very different one for me but more on that tomorrow. Usual supermarket shop and nothing much else to say about today. 

Page 4 - back to school/college/work and for me the first day of a new job. I've been self employed for most of the time the kids were younger. My business has been making a loss for the last couple of years so I made the decision that paid employment was the better way now the kids are older. 

Page 5 - the day directly from hell. I woke up with a migraine. Now when people say they've got a migraine and are still functioning they really and truly have not got a migraine. A headache maybe but not a migraine. They really knock you for six. They make me sick, my vision blurs and my head is like nothing you've ever felt unless of course you've had a migraine. Other things also happened in the evening but this is not the place for that. 

Page 6 - felt a lot better today. Bit wobbly but much better and helped by a call to say my youngest has been selected to run for the district in a competition. The school didn't have many details but wanted me to know and said it is a massive achievement. I will know more soon. 

Page 7 - back at work again today. I'm glad I remembered a lot of the stuff I was taught on Monday. Picked out some colours for a temperature blanket I'm crocheting. Took the eldest son for his supermarket shop before he goes back to uni. Indoor rugby training this evening for the youngest. 

Page 8 - hospital this morning with middle son. Chilli in the slow cooker making an easyish tea for when I get back from work. Felt much more confident at work today.

Page 9 - quick trip to town for my boots heeling and then the first outdoor rugby training session with the youngest. To say he was muddy afterwards is an understatement. Started the temperature blanket.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Page 2

A huge 9 degrees centigrade today. Took the Christmas tree to the tip and gave a massive sigh of relief. It has been the worst we've ever had for needle drop and has driven me crazy having to fish needles out of cups of coffee every day. 

Bye bye shitty tree

Friday, 1 January 2016

Page 1 Of The Latest Chapter In Life

A whole new chapter with 366 blank pages and because I documented virtually nothing last year I'm going to try at least a weekly page

Page 1 - 1 degree centigrade and time for a dog walk with my mr followed by a walk to the allotment and a huge ham for tea cooked all day in the slow cooker in tropical pop. Yum yum 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Life Is One Big Washing Machine Saga

 I've written about this a few times before. In the last few years I've gone through at least one machine a year.

As we don't have room for separates and being a house of 6 (not any more but I'll get to that another day) we have a lot and I mean a lot of washing so a washer dryer is our best option. Whilst it isn't ideal because of the length of time it takes to do both a wash and dry it works for us. 

Washer dryers are notorious for breaking down though. We had dryer thermostat issues with the last two. They were LG and Samsung. Both had to be replaced within their warranty period. This one is by Hoover and it was delivered at the end of February this year. It has been trouble from day one. Mostly the washer unlike the others but when the washer breaks it trips the dryer so both are then useless. This particular repair was as a result of a massive leak under the newly laid kitchen flooring. It took 10 days for an engineer to be available. He diagnosed a hole in the drum and ordered a new drum. Another week and a bit later he turned up with the drum. Drum was faulty. He left me with the machine shell and all the interior workings plus two drums outside my front door (original one and broken replacement) with instructions to leave them for the scrap man. I ended up heaving them to the tip! This was how he left the machine.  Nice sharp edges on the metal there!

Another 10 days and another engineer visit scheduled but I got a text at 6:34am telling me the next replacement drum was damaged. Angry did not quite cut it. They emailed the next day to say they would be replacing the machine. Great I thought. My previous machines were bought from an online shop and when the company in question replaced them they refunded the shop and I got to order what I wanted hence replacing LG with Samsung and then Samsung with this Hoover one. Hoover, however do things differently to LG and Samsung and have replaced it directly. 

My replacement machine arrived yesterday morning. Words can't express how it feels to actually be able to just put washing in without having to heave it round to the launderette or having a relative do it. We have a massive backlog even with several trips a week. The launderette is £5 plus detergent so 5 weeks and 3 days without a machine has been very expensive and I shall be seeking compensation from them not to mention the damaged flooring.

Hoping this one is a long term fixture.