Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mixed Up Seasons

We went to the allotment for a quick visit this morning. The main aim was dropping some stuff off on the compost heap and getting out of the house for a walk. 

I was very surprised to see my cherry trees are budding. 

I didn't look at the apples but I'm guessing they are doing the same. Seasons all mixed up. I hope the frosts don't do too much damage to them. 

Friday, 12 December 2014


I've always had a love hate relationship with the book of face.  It certainly highlights the needy of attention amongst the human race, those who have a keyboard which spouts so much verbal diarrhoea that they really should think of giving it some medication and those who just want us to know every single part of their credit card maxed out luxurious lives.

This last few months I've taken a massive step away and going back just highlights it all the more.  There are some parts of it I do like such as the lovely people on there.  They aren't all needy whores. So what I'm doing now as and when annoying status updates from people I don't really know or spam from the various pages I've liked over the years is clicking the delete or hide button depending on who they are.  Operation Declutter is well under way.

There are some things that maybe once upon a time I would have put myself before I got a grip and thought why the hell would anybody need to know that.  Today for instance I could have put how embarrassing the dog was when she came with us on the school run - two poops  the second of which was very messy and in the most embarrassing of places for a year 6 boy on his way to school apparently when I was already holding a bag of poop.  Or the fact that she was a disgusting muddy mess by the time we got home and she rolled on my new rug or I could have said what I had for my dinner or even whether I had opened my bowels this morning.  NOBODY could give a monkeys about any of that so why the hell do people feel the need to tell everybody on facebook?

Yes I'm on a rant!

Thursday, 11 December 2014


I can't quite believe that the last ever Dallas aired last night. Yes I know it's rubbish tv to some people but flipping eck! Lighthearted telly for me. What's not to like about a programme with John Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe?

They left it with so many loose ends - was Christopher really in that car when it blew up,  will she keep the baby, will Sue Ellen stay sober and will John Ross have met his match with Judith?  I'm left wanting more and surely that's a sign of a successful show amongst the rubbish that is around at the moment? 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Don't Ask!

We now have Internet, we have Virgin instead of sky  and we have a phone line plus we have a tv box in the bedroom now.  To get to that stage though it took a lot of furniture moving, bed disassembling, stress and doing it all again in reverse. They came out last week to see if putting the TV box in the loft bedroom was feasible and the route through which rooms they needed to cable it. Turns out the engineer decided it was better to run it the other side to which we were told and he was right. When you're faced with a room that is only a few feet wide anyway, a heavy wooden bunk bed and a mountain of crap (erm toys) underneath to move at a moments notice it's huge fun especially when you are the only one in the house but hey ho it got done and the cable passed through the wall to the stairs eventually. Thankfully my other half moved everything and disassembled our bed this morning so the cabling could go the only route possible in the loft.  3 hours after the engineer arrived he was done.  Took a long while to get everything back in place/reassembled once the other half got home from work. Hopefully the switch will be worth it financially at least for the promotional period. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December Daily (ish)

Erm yes ok so sometimes weekends and Mondays are excluded from my kind of December daily or in other words I forgot. 

Tomorrow Mr Virgin is hopefully going to show Mr Sky where to shove his stupidly priced package so I may or may not have  any internet for most of the day.  I'm hoping yes because I haven't done a yarny Wednesday post in a long time and I've got a ton of projects for show and tell.