Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I did it again. Just when I was starting to get back into the daily blogging I stopped ��. Ah well never mind. It's yarn tomorrow so hopefully that will be a kick up the bum again.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Yarn On A Wednesday

Still working on the mystery crochet along. This is clue 5. The final clue is out today. I'm intrigued what is going to happen as out of the 52 little circles made in clue 1 only 12 of them have been included in the gorgeous little flower motifs so that leaves a lot to work on in the final part.

Reading - I finally gave up on The Book Thief. It was just too hard to get into even after well over 100 pages. I started Rubbernecker a couple of days ago and have already done two thirds.

It's one of those easy reads that you can't put down. A murder mystery but the detective is a boy of 18 with aspergers who is studying anatomy at college. Without saying too much it also has narratives from a patient waking from a coma who is frustrated because he is locked in his body unable to communicate. This is a very unique viewpoint and adds to the ease of reading. I'm loving this book and having two kids with a diagnosis of autism and aspergers respectively there are so many things the character does that I can relate to.

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Trip To The Seaside

I love our nearest coastline - our town in West Yorkshire is around 70 miles from the east coast so not exactly near but closer than the west coast. 

Scarborough and Bridlington have lovely sandy beaches and whilst they are commercialised there are also spots where you can step away from all that. We had a day trip to Bridlington last Thursday. 

Our day took the usual route when we go there - use the park and ride at south beach which in reality is so close to everything you'd only need to use the ride bit if you had either mobility issues or were very lazy 

It leads down to this beach but we usually walk towards the commercialised end and get some chips and icecream at the harbour

Then it is on to the amusements and let the kids loose with a pot of 2p coins to feed the machines

Yikes that chin shot isn't very flattering!

Then it's a walk through town and back to the car to collect the beach gear. The bag has all kinds of stuff in it and we've used the same one for several years since the youngest was tiny. These days he doesn't get much more than his rugby ball out of it. It's a permanent fixture to his hand most of the time lately. A kite and bucket and spade made a brief appearance last week but they soon went away in favour of skimming stones in the sea. I guess he's getting older.  Personally I was selfish and let the husband do all the kid stuff and sit in a chair with my knitting. 

Then we took a drive a few miles down the coast to a place called Barmston where we stayed in 2012 for a few days. This section of the coastline suffers badly from coastal erosion and is living on borrowed time.  These are some pictures of the current state it is in. 

See the pipe coming out of the cliff? That wasn't there last time we were here so must have been exposed when more land disappeared to the sea.

Footpath has almost gone. 

Very sad state of affairs that Mother Nature has brought to this area and continues to take from. 

Monday, 11 August 2014

August blogging - Day 11

Steph's prompt today is what have you been wearing this week.

I've only really got 2 pictures.

This one from Thursday which is a tshirt from the Next sale for £3 which I like because it is quite long. Being tall I struggle with tshirt length a lot. Next relaxed skinny fit jeans in black. Primark £1 sunglasses and my trusty Cath Kidston messenger bag.

and Friday. We were at a wedding so I actually wore a dress. Doesn't happen often. This one was by Samya from Simply Be only a month ago but it isn't on the website anymore so must have sold out.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

August Blogging - Day 9

Yes I know I missed some but I do have a good excuse.

 It involves a bit of this

and a lot of this

I'll get to that tomorrow.

Today's prompt from Emma is 15 things that make you happy.

It goes without saying that my family make me happy so I'm going to go with 15 more superficial things:

1. That first cup of coffee on a morning

2. Watching the transformation of a seed into a plant knowing that I've made that happen

3. Knitting

4. The pets but only when they are being good. The dogs are a nightmare for barking at anything going past the window and in this warmer weather the window being open makes noise carry so they do it even more. Very frustrating but good at the same time because it deters the cold calling sales people. Flaming cats have pooped on the kitchen floor once or twice recently too which is frustrating. All is forgiven though when the dogs come for a cuddle or a cat sits on your knee purring.

5. White chocolate

6. The feeling when you wake up and there is still an hour before the alarm goes off and you can nod back off.

7. Laying in bed listening to the rain. Our room has a velux window and the pitter patter is strangely soothing.

8. Freshly washed bed covers

9. Pizza from dominos

10. My allotment

11. A freshly bleached and hosed back yard. Two big stinky dogs provide a lot of mess!

12. White washing blowing in the wind

13. New pretty stationery (usually at the beginning of the tax year but sometimes just because)

14. A pair of comfy shoes

15. Looking at pretty things on Pinterest.

Steph's prompt today is about your skin care routine

I'm a bit lazy if I'm honest and *shock horror* go to bed with my make up on sometimes and then waking up with panda eyes the next morning. I should know better. I do make myself get into a routine and it works for 2-3 weeks but then I end up tired and just wanting my bed and can't be bothered again. Yes I know....no hope!

When I'm on a routine I generally use whatever has come in a recent birchbox but sometimes I will buy products from the same range sometimes I'll mix and match. I really like the All Bright Botanics range from Boots but I did read on one of the products that it contains an ingredient that makes your skin more sensitive to the sun and to use extra sunscreen or words to that effect. I figured I'd save that for the dull days of a uk autumn/winter. I'm rambling now so I'll just say what I'm using at the moment - Balance Me cleanser, I'm using L'Oreal CC cream during the day so haven't been bothering with a day cream. I've got Avon Genics Dark Circle stuff for my eyes. I've no idea if it works to reduce the dark circles but it certainly moisturises the area. On a night time I use Oil of Olay instant hydration cream. Mainly because it was reduced to £2.50 in Boots recently. I'm assuming it is a discontinued item now which is a shame because it's really nice.

Bit of a mix today. I'll be back with the seaside and wedding stories tomorrow and of course the prompts for day 10.

I really need to get back into the routine again instead of a quick wipe of the panda eyes with a baby wipe on a morning.