Thursday, 24 July 2008

Back To Scrapbooks

I have got a cut on my fingertip just at the point I use it for knitting so I have decided to give knitting a break for a while. I thought it had more or less healed but yesterday when I tried some knitting it was very painful. It is never going to heal while I am sticking needle points into it so an enforced break it is to be.

This is a good thing though because I am hoping to get some inspiration back for scrapping. I haven't done anything for around 3 weeks now and the longer I spend without doing it the longer it will take for me to get back into it. I still haven't opened any of the gorgeous paints I bought from Paper Popsicles. I spy some painted chipboard letters on the horizon.

Then there is this little lot I bought off Ebay. The paints are Making Memories Hampton and the alpha stamps are MM too - Mixed Font Foam Stamps. There are also some Karen Foster Pastel rings. I am intending to use these to bind the Bo Bunny BEACH album I bought the other week.

Still not got around to scrapping 6x12 so that is another thing I am hoping to do over the next few days.

School holidays have been starting bit by bit in this house since May. Doing GCSE's meant my daughter finished in May, the 2 strike days last week plus a hurriedly put in inset day meant my son in high school finished last tuesday for 7 weeks and 1 day. The youngest two finished yesterday until September. So far so good. We are only nearly through the first day though so things are likely to change. The council have decided that this week would be a great time to close off the park while they fit new gas pipes to the council houses behind it. Great timing.

HSMS is insect today. I had the perfect photo opportunity yesterday of two spiders getting a bit 'jiggy with it' but by the time I had gone inside for the camera and come back out the dog had done his part in the natural food chain and the spiders were no more. I searched around today and managed to find this one (far too high up for Charlie so it is safe for now). The focus is crap but it is a picture and it is an insect. Is a spider an insect?

Speaking of dogs. We bought a new cage yesterday meant to house Charlie plus our new addition when it comes mid august. I don't know what on earth possessed us to even think of it. It is huge and most certainly does not fit in my living room as intended. You could fit half a dozen dogs in it comfortably never mind just two. That will teach me to look at dimensions of things properly before buying. I did think of putting the kids in it for the school holidays (joking folks before you start shouting at me). So it is going back and we will order a smaller one either capable of holding them both or just a much smaller one for the new dog and let Charlie have his old one.


Shannon said...

Great shot!

Tash said...
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Tash said...

Hi - just saw your comment on my blog - you are more than welcome! I wanted to make sure all my friends knew about you coz your products and service are just marvelous!

I should warn you though - they're a very greedy lot, so I apologise if you get a bit swamped!

Igotmebabe said...

Lovely creepy crawlie :)

jay670120 said...

Youve just given me the creeps now !!! You should have a warning on the title , YUK . great pic but yuk i'm totally freaked x
aaaahhhhhh hate them and ive got no shoes on AAAAAAHHHHHH ! lol !!!