Monday, 18 August 2008


I did some yarn dyeing over the last few days. The first couple ended up like this.

The pinky purpley blue one looks very faded and washed out and I'm not happy with it so I may overdye it with another colour. I used McCormack's Neon food colouring. Need to swot up on mixing colours first though otherwise I could end up with a horrible mess. The orangey one I am happy with. I couldn't tell you what I used though because there are quite a few Kool Aid packets in there.

My second lot I took notes for. The left hand one is grape & strawberry, lemon & lime and berry punch. I used one sachet of each in jars and added the yarn to them to keep the colours separate but mixed the grape & strawberry. I like how pale the blue turned out and I think it is one I will use again with maybe a smaller amount of the lemon/lime and a bit of pink instead of purple. The right hand one is my favourite. It was one sachet each of cherry and lemonade in jars and then one each of tropical punch and lemonade mixed. Towards the end I moved the yarn about a bit which gave it a more mixed look in parts.

This is what they look like wound up.

Onto socks now. This is the current pair I have on the go. It is Autumn Lace from the Six Sox Knitalong. The yarn was some I bought on Ebay called Strawberry Sundae. It is really soft and lovely to knit with.

I also have the Sock Knitters Pentathlon sock to get finished before the deadline of 1st September. The yarn I chose for it is hand dyed (not by me) in a dark purple and it hasn't been rinsed properly by the dyer so I end up with purple lines engraved in my finger when I hold the yarn when I knit so I have been a bit hit and miss with it. I have done one and am around a quarter of the way through the second. Must plod on with it.
Scrapping aaaarrrgggghhhh nothing has been done for ages.


lindschick said...

Wow, I wish I could knit more than just squares!!! I love the colour of these yarns, they are fab.

Igotmebabe said...

Glad things are going well with the new puppy
Nice "S" shot

amandamagpie said...

Very clever S shot - I have one of those angels, but a different one to yours. They are lovely aren't they. x

Cheyne said...

Pretty S!!!

Rach said...

Gorgeous S and the colours of the yarns are beautiful. x

Sarah said...

OMG you are so clever - I can't sew a button on let alone knit! Your S is gorgeous :)

Sue Nicholson said...

Very soft and flowing "S". That is a beautiful ornament :-)

Great to read about your experiments with the yarn, I found it really interesting :-)


Hazel said...

I so love your S shot - what a beautiful ornament.

voodoo vixen said...

I will never drink KoolAid again!! What lovely colours you have produced with it though!! :)

Shannon said...

Your S shot is fab!