Monday, 10 November 2008

Mystery Socks Clue 1

This is clue one from a mystery sock challenge I am taking part in.

I absolutely hate fairisle knitting so I wasn't too impressed when I first saw the requirements but that all melted away when I realised that the different colours are knit in rows of their own with some slipped stitches so there was no messing about. I did get into a bit (or a lot) of a tangle though but I figured that since it wasn't for a huge portion of the sock then I could cope with it.

The second clue is the rest of the leg which is just 2x2 rib down to the heel flap which has the patterning again and then the turning of the heel.

Today on HSMSHS the word of the day is clean. Mmmm they're having a laugh. 2 dogs and 4 kids - we don't do clean!!!

Actually I'm telling a lie. Daisy has had 4 baths in 3 days. My little bundle of fluffiness has sprinkled like niagra falls in her cage several times and on saturday we woke up to a poo party because Charlie hadn't been able to last the night. It is extremely unusual for him but it was probably my fault for not giving him long enough in the yard before bed.

My boring picture is of a bottle of cleaning fluid (not for the dogs I might add).


Aubrey Harns said...

It's neat seeing what cleaners are called in different places. Love the contrast of the yellow against the black background.

Cheyne said...

Great clean.

Jenny said...

Fab socks! The pattern sounds a little complicated for my liking :-S xx