Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lollipop Garden Sock Pattern

Fresh off the needles yesterday is my own Lollipop Garden sock pattern. It is the first one I have designed myself so please bear with me and let me know ( if there are any errors.
I knit this using the magic loop method and have written the instructions as per that method.

Here goes:

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in Pastels but any 4ply yarn should work the same.


K - Knit
P - Purl
K1tbl - Knit one through back of loop
k2tog - Knit 2 together
ssk - slip slip knit
yo - yarn over
M1 - Make 1
yf - yarn forward
w&t - wrap & turn
Cable - put next 2 stitches on cable needle and hold at front, knit next 2 stitches and then knit the stitches from cable needle
Twist - put next stitch on cable needle and hold at front, knit next stitch and then knit stitch on cable needle


Using whichever invisible cast on you prefer cast on a total of 24 stitches (12 each needle). This is a good way to do it but obviously use whichever method you prefer.

Row 1 (K1 M1 K10 M1 K1) repeat again
Row 2 K
Row 3 (K1 M1 K12 M1 K1) repeat again
Row 4 K

Repeat in this manner increasing a stitch just after the first and just before the last on each set of stitches (if using magic loop) until you have a total of 64 stitches. Make sure you have 32 stitches on each needle and proceed as follows:

Row 1 K5 P1 Twist P1 K4 P1 K4 P1 K4 P1 Twist P1 K5 Knit second lot of 32 stitches plain on every row of the foot - this will be the sole needle
Row 2 K5 P1 K2 P1 K4 P1 K4 P1 K4 P1 K2 P1 K5
Row 3 K5 P1 K2 P1 K4 P1 Cable P1 K4 P1 K2 P1 K5
Row 4 as row 2
Row 5 as row 1
Row 6, 7 & 8 as row 2
Row 9 K5 P1 Twist P1 K4 P1 Cable P1 K4 P1 Twist P1 K5
Row 10, 11 & 12 as row 2
Row 13 as row 1
Row 14 as row 2
Row 15 as row 3
Row 16 as row 2
Row 17 as row 1
Row 18, 19 & 20 as row 2
Row 21 K5 K2tog Yarn over twice ssk K4 p1 cable p1 K4 K2tog yarn over twice ssk K to end
Row 22 K7 K1tbl K5 p1 k4 p1 K6 K1tbl K to end
Row 23 K3 K2tog yo yo ssk k2tog yo yo ssk K2 p1 K4 P1 K2 K2tog yo yo ssk K2tog yo yo ssk K3
Row 24 K5 K1tbl K3 K1tbl K3 P1 K4 P1 K4 K1tbl K3 K1tbl K4
Row 25 as row 21 but K4 instead of cable in the middle
Row 26 as 22
Row 27 K3 K2tog yo yo ssk K2tog yo yo ssk K2 P1 Cable P1 K2 K2tog yo yo ssk K2tog yo yo ssk K3
Row 28 as 24
Row 29 as 25
Row 30 as 22
Row 31 K13 p1 K4 P1 K13
Row 32 as 31
Row 33 K13 P1 Cable P1 K13
Rows 34 to 38 as row 31
Row 39 as 33
Rows 40 to 44 as row 31
Row 45 K14 K2tog yo yo ssk K14
Row 46 K16 K1tbl K15
Row 47 K12 K2tog yo yo ssk K2tog yo yo ssk K12
Row 48 K14 K1tbl K3 K1tbl K13
Row 49 K10 (K2tog yo yo ssk) 3 times K10
Row 50 K12 (K1tbl K3) 2 times K1tbl K11
Row 51 K8 (K2tog yo yo ssk) 4 times K8
Row 52 K10 (K1tbl K3) 3 times K1tbl K9
Row 53 as 49
Row 54 as 50
Row 55 as 47
Row 56 as 48
Row 57 as 45
Row 58 as 46

This ends the pattern on the foot section. Carry on in plain stockinette stitch until the foot is about 2 inches less than the length of your foot. You should end after the foot section to start making the heel on the sole section.


I chose to do a short row heel but you can do whichever heel you find fits you best.
If you choose to do the short row heel instructions are as follows:

You are working on the sole stitches only for this part.

Row 1 K31 w&t
Row 2 P30 w&t
Row 3 K29 w&t
Row 4 P28 w&t

Carry on until you have 10 stitches in the middle part of your heel and 11 wrapped stitches on either side. You should have just done a purl row.

K10 then carry on knitting across the wrapped stitches to the end picking up the wraps as you go. Turn

S1 Purl across the heel section again picking up the remaining wraps as you purl. Turn

S1 K20 w&t

S1 P10 w&t

K11 picking up the wrap on the 11th stitch w&t 12th stitch

P12 picking up the wrap on the 12th stitch w&t 13th stitch

Carry on picking up the wrap on the 13th, 14th stitch etc and wrapping the next stitch until all stitches have been wrapped and knitted except the last stitch on each end.

Continue knitting in the round now across all stitches and not just your heel. Pick up and knit the last 2 wraps on your first round.

Continue in stockinette for 3cm or longer if you prefer.

Leg Pattern Section
Row 1 (K2 yf K2tog) repeat across all stitches
Rows 2 to 5 K
Row 6 K3 (yf ssk K6) repeat bracketed section across all stitches until the last 3 K3
Row 7 K
Row 8 K2 {(yf ssk) 2 times K4} repeat across all stitches until the last 2 K2
Row 9 K
Row 10 K1 {(yf ssk) 3 times K2} repeat across all stitches until last 1 K1
Row 11 K
Row 12 as 8
Row 13 K
Row 14 as 6
Rows 15 to 18 K
Row 19 as 1

Knit 8 rows plain and then commence rib. You can make this section longer if you prefer. I did 8 because my yarn was running out.


This is a 2x2 mock cable rib.

Row 1 P2 ignore the next stitch and knit into the second one but don't slip the loop off the needle as you normally would. Then knit into the stitch you ignored and slip both off the needle at the same time. You should still have 2 stitches. Repeat across the row putting P2 between each mock cable you do.
Rows 2 to 4 P2 K2

Carry on for as long as you require your rib to be. I did 20 rows.

Cast off loosely.


Julia Dunnit said...

Love those socks...if only MiL was online, I could point her in the direction of your blog and my erm, needs!

Jo Power said...

Love those socks might have to print off the pattern and see if I can knit them (although never done cable) thank you for sharing. xx

Jo Power said...

I have given you a blog award pop over to my blog and have a look. xx

Vicki said...

I love these socks. I just bought some Smooshy yarn and will knit these. You did so much work to share it!