Monday, 21 December 2009

Center Parcs

It's been a week since we got back home from our weekend away at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest so better late than never are some piccies.
This was the Woodland Lodge type villa we stayed in.
It was supposed to be recently madeover by some interior designer and whilst it was very nice on the eye, when you looked closely the finish wasn't what you would expect from somewhere so expensive. Things like paint splashes on the tiles and around the doors are only little things but very noticable. If I had as much money as the owner of Center Parcs then I think I would have made sure I used professional tradesmen who are capable of painting a door and not getting it on the wall. Maybe that is why he has so much dosh.
Anyway that is only a little thing and it is only a bit of paint and not the end of the world. It is my only criticism of the accommodation.
This was the light over the dining table. I could have done so much more than this shot had I thought about it properly.
There were lots and lots of illuminated trees and little scenes like the reindeer below.
I caught this one at sunset.
I always thought squirrels hibernated at this time of year but there were plenty of them around. Maybe because there is a plentiful supply of food from the visitors.

This family of swans came carol singing one evening. Actually they were pretty much outside the patio door most of the time pecking on the window.


Donna said...

Lovely pics Kerry I really want that tree,as far as I know squirrels dont actually hibernate think they just shelter when its cold

Lizzie said...

Yes, squirrels in the UK do hibernate! But they get up and come out looking for food sometimes and, as you say, if there's plenty around, they may delay their hibernation (makes sense really I suppose).

Love the tree and the reindeer. Very pretty. Never been to Centre Parcs, but may go one day. But I agree with you that they should take more care with the decoration of their cabins.

The Carol-singing Swans are great!

humel said...

Wow, that tree pic is amazing :-)