Tuesday, 28 December 2010

To Buy Or Not To Buy

My cooker has had a dicky temperature for a while and on christmas day the turkey should have taken 5 hours to cook and it was done in 4 hours. I'm at a stage where I'm thinking just get rid and buy a new one (would have to be on credit though :( )

It is well over 10 years old and has seen a lot of use.  The knobs kept burning their silver coating off whenever the grill was on almost from day one and once the warranty was up I stopped replacing them.  All the writing has worn off so unless it is me using the hob part then everybody else uses trial and error to know which ring they are lighting.  The ignition broke quite some time ago and a lot of the black trim has worn off over the years.  It looks incredibly tired BUT I am in two minds about whether to replace it yet or not. I am very tempted - actually no I'm dictated to by our stupid financial situation -  to leave it until it gives up the ghost and we HAVE to buy one.

I had a quick look in Comet and the lower price end isn't anything like my current one. Mine has a glass lid which is invaluable as extra worktop space so I don't really want to lose that but I need to spend a bit more to get a lid.  When we first moved into our house almost 19 years ago we bought one of those cookers with the high level grill and it had a storage section at the bottom which was fantastic for storing baking tins etc.  Again though I wouldn't have the lid and the extra work space if I got one of those. It would however free up a bit of room on top of my kitchen cupboards where I currently store my baking trays etc. Arrrggghhhh too many things to consider.  I do have time on my side at the moment though. Fingers crossed the current on stays working for a while longer.

I am secretly coveting this one from Cannon just because the knobs aren't covered in a film that will burn off and it is stainless steel but it is £620 in Comet.

I really wish I had the room for a proper big cooker but the previous occupants of our house designed the kitchen with only just enough space for a 50cm one.  Yes we do still have the same kitchen as was in when we moved in. Yes I hate it. Yes I want to replace it. The problem is lack of funds for one reason or another and other things have always been more important. I am always tempted by the DIY shop kitchen sales and would love to have the capability to fit one myself or for my husband to be more of a DIYer. We have a massive space in a corner hidden behind the cupboards which is doing absolutely nothing and is crying out for one of those snazzy corner storage thingies.  One day I may surprise people and just go out and buy one and fit it or maybe those pigs might fly past too.

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Lizzie said...

Hmmm... I sympathise - our oven is fairly unreliable really, in terms of time and temperature! I'm getting used to its quirks, but I agree with you that a nice new one would be lovely... if we could afford it!
Isn't it amazing what we can cope with when we can't afford to replace something? But I bet if the car was as unreliable, DH would find the money for a replacement...
Good luck with saving up for your new cooker. And you could always replace the kitchen cupboard doors and worktops, if you can't afford a total re-fit (when you have some money, of course!)
That is a lovely cooker though...