Tuesday, 7 August 2012

KAL Tuesday #3

Hi there knitters and welcome to week 3 of KAL Tuesday the place to share what you are knitting along with this Tuesday.

I'm actually knitting two mystery KALs at the moment (apologies for the rubbish iphone pics on these)

The first is called Dandelion On A Meadow which I'm knitting in a marbled sort of pinky white yarn by Dashing Dachs I got in a sock kit ages ago.
This is to the end of the first clue. It's a very big cast on but the pattern is easy to remember and what's not to love about adding beads to a project.

The second is called Floralee from SheKnits which I'm making in a brown yarn from Zen Yarn Garden which was also part of a sock kit - Sherlock I think. I'm about half way through the first clue on this one after a false start and a bit of a hissy fit with myself as there was an error in the instructions that I tried to correct in the way I thought was right and turned out to be wrong. Change of yarn and doing the amended pattern and I'm happy.

and lastly the fairy I have been working on over the last couple of KAL Tuesdays is now finished. Let's just say she has a unique look about her face that is quite embarassing!  However I really enjoyed making her especially rooting her hair.

So if you want to show off what you are knitting this Tuesday then please feel free to either comment or use the linky thingy below. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are working on :-)

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