Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spalding Bulb Company

I recently signed up to the Spalding Bulb Company bloggers club.

As a welcome they sent me my choice of plant and a pack of 100 spring bulbs. I chose a Bay Marisa apple tree. It is also known as Tickled Pink and I'm quite excited for it to crop after looking at photos on the internet of the red flesh.

I had to wait for the ground to thaw at the allotment before planting. I found a small window of opportunity and enlisted the help of a teen (he's mine not just a random one off the street lol)
Between us we dug a hole and planted the tree.

We planted a few of the bulbs around it and sprinkled a few slug pellets around. Some other bulbs I planted have already been a meal for the pesky slimy pests.
In the same window of opportunity we also planted some rosa rugosa near the fence we put up a couple of weeks beforehand so we planted some more of the spring bulbs randomly around the planting area. I'm looking forward to seeing how they work out.

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