Saturday, 17 August 2013

Birchbox UK August 2013

Being somewhat disillusioned with Glossybox this month I looked for alternatives and found that Birchbox took over another beauty box company earlier in the year - yes I know - what planet must I live on not to know this little nugget of information. It was a Birchbox on someone's blog from the US that set me off on my beauty box adventure so I was chuffed to bits to find out they are now over here. 

I ordered it over the weekend and it arrived on Thursday via the Yodel courier who thought, since nobody came to the door, it would be ok to put it in a 'safe location' ie throw it over our 6ft back gate straight into a fresh doggie doo. The outer box had come open but thankfully the inner box was fine. Needless to say I complained to Yodel who were a bit dismissive and just said the courier would be told. I also asked Birchbox if they could put a note on the address label in future that there is no safe location. They were fantastic and are taking it up with Yodel and are using Royal Mail for my delivery in future. 

Onto the box - they come in a box with a cute little drawstring bag holding all the products. 

and the contents in that cute little bag

Bluemandarines SkinLife Energetic Cellular Cream - a light peptide packed cream which brightens, refreshes and protects skin.  This smells really expensive and feels fabulous on the skin. Definitely something I would consider buying if I could afford it. Full size is £35. 

Philip Kingsley elasticizer - a hair saviour. This mask strengthens, nourishes and prevents breakages.  I've used this today and whilst it does the job I have to say that at £27.50 it is a tad expensive and I preferred the Tresemme treatment from the Glossybox. I do love trying hair products that aren't of the tousled beach variety so it's a good choice. 

Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls - ensure your base lasts and lasts with this smoothing primer. I'm looking forward to trying this. I have noticed my eye makeup disappears from one eye faster than the other so hopefully a good primer will keep them both the same for longer. Full size for this is £30

LAQA & Co Lip Pencil - a moisturising lip pencil perfect for day to night, in two hot summer colours. My first thought was oh another red lip product which just is not me but I did give this a go. It is quite intense but blotting it decreased the intensity quite a bit so I am quite happy. Full size is £14. I think this is probably half size. 

Molton Brown ylang ylang body wash - wow what can I say besides it smells amazing and is a body wash. Love their products. Full size is £18. 

Inner Me supplements - bonafide superfood, packed with health boosting omega 3 protein and more.  I'm not so sure about this. It is supposed to enhance skin, hair and nails which god knows I certainly need. I need to do a bit of research into this though before I stick a tablet in my mouth. 

Last of all Birchbox Gel Mask - this gel filled mask cools the eye area and decreases puffiness.  My daughter has one of these and swears by it for hayfever symptoms so its good to have as a standby for puffy eyes. Mine are terribly sensitive lately so this can only be a good product. 

All in all in very happy with this box. Can't wait to see what they have in store for September's box. 

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