Monday, 14 October 2013

Glossybox UK October 2013 | Dark Romance

Don't let the theme title fool you should have been the strapline for Glossybox this month!

The cover of the magazine, which has been widely shown on social media in the run up to the receipt of this box, held promise of maybe a nice deep red nail polish or lipstick or maybe smoky eyes. When I opened the box this is what I found:

The products themselves are average but not exactly fitting the theme of Dark Romance. 

The two closest fits are what I'll cover first:

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush - Cheek & Lip Tint - Full size 12ml product worth £5.50Go from day to night with MeMeMe's sultry rouge tint!  Long lasting and multi functional, it also comes with a handy application brush, making it a perfect addition to your handbag for glamorous touch ups on the go.

I'm not a fan of MeMeMe but I wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt since it did fit the theme.  I'm sorry but I really don't like it.  The brush has some sort of coating on it that came off on my lips making it an altogether unpleasant experience.  The product itself didn't make a difference to my lips.  I tried it on my cheeks and whilst the coating was still coming off the brush it did seem to give a small amount of blush.  Most of it came off on my fingers when I patted it into the skin and stained them so the colour stain is obviously there.  I wouldn't buy it even at £5.50 but I will probably use it as a blush despite not really liking it.


Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume sample - £29.50 for 50ml. This sample is 1.5ml.

Again it kind of fits the theme.  I like perfume samples even though a lot of people don't. Mainly because I'm too shy to ask for one in Boots.  This is nice, maybe a touch overpowering for day to day use but nice all the same and I probably would buy it.

Now we get on to the other stuff:

Premae Multi Vit Smoothie Serum - Full size is £22.50 for 50ml this is 20ml.

Premae is the world's first allergen free brand, meaning that anything they produce is more than kind to skin. 

It is very highly scented, which I'm assuming is the 100% lemongrass oil.  Whilst I like the idea behind the brand the scent is really rather offputting.  I will use it but it won't be a repeat purchase.


Monu Illuminating Primer - Full size is £24.95 for 50ml this is 20ml.

This primer is paraben free and has been formulated with light reflective Mica particles and soft focus technology to brighten the complexion, add instant sheen and enhance your natural radiance.

Again this doesn't smell too nice (nothing I can put my finger on but not too pleasant) but I like the promise of the illumination.  I don't think I could justify spending the best part of £25 on buying it again though.

and the final product - Vita Liberata Latte Illuminating Skin Finish - Full size £29.95 for 30ml this is 2 sachets with a generous 3ml each in them.

This multi product offers perfect coverage and a flawless medium bronzing to the skin with added Broad Spectrum SPF25 whilst also creating an iridescent optical illusion as it's subtle shimmering particles capture the light.

I've tried this and even using a small amount produces quite an orange effect.  I certainly won't be buying it.

Overall, without the Dark Romance theme, I wouldn't have been glowing with happiness at this box.  It is pretty average/below average for Glossybox.  The theme promised something a little more than this and it is hugely disappointing.

I actually cancelled Glossybox last month but something happened and the cancellation didn't go through properly. Never thought to check it properly so I was surprised when the payment went through. I decided to give it one more shot but now that cancellation has definitely shown up on my account after this box.  My time with Glossybox is well and truly over.  I'm looking forward to the October Birchbox arriving very soon.

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