Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Where To Start?

Well first of all I had a health scare which put the fear of god up me.  What started as a visit to the docs for an underarm lump she thought was an infected hair follicle and treated with antibiotics x 2 ended up with a trip to the breast screening clinic at the hospital and lots of very anxious days of waiting for the appointment day to arrive.  Crapping myself didn't quite cover it.  

The atmosphere in the clinic was tense to say the least and why wouldn't it be when everybody is there for the same reason namely a suspicious lump or similar.  Add to that a delay and you can imagine how drained and scared everybody looked.  Thankfully for me the doctor took one look at the lump (topless because they have to look at your boobies at the same time) and said he thought it was a serbaceous cyst and he would organise an ultrasound so onto the next waiting area along the line.  Again topless while she put the ultrasound on the lump.  I'm sure I could have kept my bra on for an underarm scan but hey ho.  Very elegantly she told me it looked like (quote) 'a load of crud stuck in a sweat gland'.  Lovely way to put it but made me laugh and infinitely more preferable to the alternative which maybe some people might have heard from that clinic that morning.

So it means a little op when they can fit me in to cut it out.  The consultant gave me the choice but it won't go away on its own and could need antibiotics again so chop chop I go when the waiting list allows.

That was 5 weeks of thinking time which put things into a bit of perspective. I've taken a step back from Facebook.  Just odd bits and bobs but it put the shallowness of some people into perspective.  Pathetic little things that are the end of the world to supposedly mature ladies and you just want to  shout 'SHUT THE **** UP AND GROW UP'.

So that is my little rant about Facebook and a reason for internet absence.  We did however during that time have half term and a couple of daytrips so I'll share those another day.

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