Thursday, 18 September 2014

2 Days!

Only 2 days. How rubbish is that in a month long project? I'm officially ridiculously rubbish at keeping up with stuff. 

I do have a little excuse for learn something new everyday which has zapped any enthusiasm for it. An early prompt was to look around and see if your surroundings feel like home. My answer was to look a little too deeply at how depressing our house is. Everything is falling to bits, the lino is coming up in chunks in the kitchen because the dogs kept eating it when they were little. The whole downstairs is in desperate need of new flooring. The kitchen and bathroom are what we inherited when we bought the house more than 22 years ago and they were old then so are not good now. There is clutter everywhere. My living room is taken over by dog cages.


Yes I did just shout that.

I've had enough of dog hairs and poop and them constantly trying to get in the cat litter. Barking whenever anybody walks past the house and eating their own crap. 

I've had enough of tripping up over sharp bits of lino or frayed bits of carpet. 

I've had enough of being the only one who empties the bin or changes the cat litter or picks up the dog poop and swills the yard out. 

I've had enough of peeling paint and mouldy walls

and I've certainly had enough of waiting in for the washing machine engineer. That is really frustrating me. Why can't they give a proper time? I've been waiting all flipping day and I bet he turns up at the end of the all day time slot. 


I've not had enough of having all the kids living at home right now and the smile when they walk in the door or the banter they provide. We are all here so yes it does feel like HOME.  Home is where your heart is not how crap your surroundings are but they certainly help. 

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