Monday, 7 September 2015

Learning Something New Everyday

September is the month for learning and the month Shimelle prompts us to learn something new everyday.

So the first week of September went a little bit like this:

Day 1 - I learnt that looking through my youngest son's homework which was set by his new school to do over the summer that he is very good at his times tables but getting him to read is a flipping nightmare.

Day 2 - I learnt that going to the park with the dogs earlier than usual results in wet feet because the dew is still on the ground and my boots have a hole in

Day 3 - I learnt that the local library now opens earlier than I thought and planning a trip to town around it opening later meant twiddling my thumbs unnecessarily.

Day 4 - I learnt that when a job is supposed to be an easy half hour it can turn into way more than that - one broken needle on my sewing machine caused absolute chaos when I was making some hair wraps.

Day 5 - I learnt that I am not alone in my observations about cliques and bullshit.

Day 6 - I learnt that some people either don't care how they park or are oblivious to the fact that they are parked at such a crazy angle.  That red car was parked with it's arse end stuck out like that for 2 days.

Day 7 - I learnt that the remnants of a gala in the park can leave interesting items that my Charlie dog just can't resist cocking his leg up at and burying himself under

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