Saturday, 14 June 2008

At Last

Yep the title says it AT LAST I have scrapped. Helped by this sketch but nonetheless I have actually done a scrapbook page and here it is.

The papers were from The Scrap Room kit in May and are Crate Paper Blue Hill.

This was the house we stayed in at Belle Dune a few weeks ago. The landscape picture shows the block of 3 it was in. Ours was the one with the terracotta trimmings and dark roof on the right. The portrait picture shows it from the other side. I was almost stood in the lake to get the picture.

I also finished the Berlin socks for the sock knitters pentathlon and not at the last minute for the deadline as was the case last time. I'm not too keen on the yarn I used for these. It was this one from Yarntreehouse which changes colour as you are knitting.
It is hard to explain what I mean unless you have actually used it yourself but if the balls were anything alike then they would have been OK but they weren't and colour matching was impossible.


Inspiration Alley said...

I used to knot a lot years ago and experimented with this type of wool and was always disappointed in the result. Having said that, I think that the socks you've made are beautiful and if any of my attempts had looked as good as them I would have been pleased.

Claire aka Feline said...

I love the layout, especially the flowers and the colours, great pair of socks...very unique :) xxx

Jolanda said...

Great take on the word! Great socks too!

Igotmebabe said...

Original take on the shot, lovely coloured wool :)

kelly said...

lovin the socks!!!! your lo is so cute i love the blue hill collection ive still to use mine

Charlol said...

Love the LO especially the colour combination. Matches the socks well.