Friday, 26 December 2008

All Over Till Next Year & A New Sock Started

Yep that's right tis all over until next year. All I can say is thank god!

Anyway as I said it is over and finished now for another year and I have the beginnings of a new sock to show.

This is the toe section and the first pattern repeat of my latest sock which is the La Digitessa pattern by Yarnissima. Yarn is Luxxie Sock in Summer Berries by Woolhunter. It is a quite labour intensive pattern which you need your wits about you and maybe some new eyes after a while because mine are going a bit gaga with this chart. Goodness only knows why it has decided to lie down but no matter what I do it won't upload the right way round.

This is what is is supposed to look like when it is finished - la Digitessa

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