Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Future Volleyball Player

Today's photo prompt on hsmshs is SPHERE

I was planning on using some bouncy balls the kids have with little animals in them but they are hidden away somewhere. Instead here is Daisy with a massive ball from Ikea. She can actually catch it with her front paws.

If you want a giggle then pop across to Kirsty's blog. I was cracked up yesterday.


Chris T said...

That's smashing!

Anita said...

She looks like she is having lots of fun!!!!
my sphere was actually a snow globe :)

Mandy said...

Great! I don't suppose she can actually get it in her mouth can she????? xox

Igotmebabe said...

She looks like she loves every minute of it :)

Photographing Mom said...

Great sphere!!

canadacole said...

What an awesome action shot! I agree, she looks like she loves her sphere!