Thursday, 29 January 2009

First Sock Club

Today's picture is of my Rockin Sock Club parcel which arrived today. The yarn is called My Blue Heaven. The colours are absolutely divine but the picture does it no justice at all.

The pattern has beads on it which is a technique I haven't used before so this sock will be a learning curve. Apparently the best way to put the beads on is to string them onto the yarn before starting knitting. The easiest way according to the experts is with a dental floss threader which is available in drug stores in the US. Not being in the US I was struggling a little bit because my local chemist does not stock anything like that. Boots wasn't much better. Luckily I found some on Ebay and as soon as it arrives then I can get started. I will wind the skein into 2 balls tomorrow and then the yarn is ready to go.

Plus there is the problem of finding a set of needles to use and deciding which sock I really need to finish first before I can free up the needles. So much for finishing everything before starting on something else. Bella's Mittens are still in progress but only because the circular needle I was working with wasn't playing properly and the yarn ended up stuck so I have ordered an Addi Tubo (my preferred needle) and once it arrives from Hong Kong the mittens are top of the list.

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