Monday, 23 February 2009


I am finally getting started on finishing a pair of socks from about a year ago. I did the first one but as always with me I got sidetracked with another project and they ended up lonely in my knitting bag. The picture is badly out of focus sorry.

Facebook has become a bit of a daily obsession which I do not need but addiction is a hard thing lol. If you want to add me then there is a link thingy on the side bar


Jo Power said...

Love your photo's they are great. I have only just heard about twitters but being on facebook and addicted to that for over a year I decided I didn't need anything else to compete with the housework. I do wonder though where all these people suddenly come from I have 101 friends on facebook how many would really come to my birthday party?

joanold said...

Just love those socks!

Photographing Mom said...

Great pic!!!

Shannon said...

The puppies ate their Kong toy! In little little bits!

That is a black Kong and are a bit tougher!

Pretty rose!

I love Facebook! I twitter! Madsquirrel20. I'll help you if you need it.

canadacole said...

I love the colours for your socks. They're going to be lovely. And I hear that most dogs love those Kongs. I have avoided Twitter too, and weaned myself from Facebook after the novelty wore off.

Igotmebabe said...

Another lover of your socks :) and a great rubber shot. On facebook far to much but don't think I could cope with twitter