Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Almost There

The builders left last week and came back on friday to do some jobs they had missed.  Over the weekend my husband got the decorating done. If he had left it to me then it would probably still be waiting.

So this is what the loft looks like now

For some reason the colour looks totally different on both pictures.  It is actually somewhere inbetween the two.  Dabble Blue by B&Q

The staircase is now B&Q Warm Beige.  It was, in the words of my husband, a pain in the arse and will never be painted again. 

Next on the list is a carpet for the loft which I bought today and is being fitted later in the week.  I didn't realise how expensive stair carpets are to fit so that will wait until another month. Then onto decorating the other rooms.

The main staircase had a cream/off white carpet which was a major mistake.  After a couple of weeks there were black marks in the corners where the muck was coming up through the floorboards.  I will never ever buy another pale coloured carpet.  That went to the tip this morning so everything is very echoy until we get a new one. 

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Lizzie said...

Yay! It all looks very exciting. It's great when it's got to this stage and you're almost ready to move in... Hope you can sort that stair carpet soon. Buy the BEST underlay you can afford - it makes the carpet last a zillon percent longer and cuts out so much noise! Also keeps the dirt from filtering through so much. Good underlay and cheaper carpet is a better investment than expensive carpet and cheap underlay!
Lol the staircase! We have a lobby area at the entrance to our new bedroom, as it went through the wall at the v. top of the stairs. Painting that on a hot day last July... phew! It's v. high (vaulted ceiling in extension) and a tiny area - like painting the walls of a vertical tunnel! Never again!! I had white (well off-white) hair from it sticking to the wall behind me as I painted!