Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UFO is Captured

For the non knitters amongst you a UFO is an unfinished object.  This is something I have several sightings of in my knitting bag.  I captured a UFO a few days ago and made it into a FO.

The pattern was from a group on Ravelry called Solid Socks for a mystery sock thingy like the ones I used to do but it started months ago.

speaking of mystery sock patterns - another sock year starts tomorrow in Sock Knitters Anonymous group and I'm going to try and have a play along with the first month. More to follow.

Also starting tomorrow is the Learn Something New Everyday class at Shimelle.com.  I signed up for it last year but stalled after a few days.  It is a lifetime class so I don't have to pay to do it this year. Going to try and make an effort to keep up to date this time.  This is how I played catchup last year so I didn't feel like I had missed out completely.


Lizzie said...

Hey, Kerry, what a great idea, to make a September Lessons layout! I also lost track half-way, as my mum was taken into hospital with pneumonia. I was so exhausted taking care of her house, cat, laundry, jobs etc, then of her, that the rest of the month just went by in a blur. I have vague memories of my son's birthday party, but that is about all I remember of last September!
Here's to September 2010 - Let's hope we both get a quieter month, with enough time to finish our projects! ;-)

Alicia said...

Love your socks! Have heard about this class...sounds like lots of fun...can you sign up a few days late?
Alicia xx