Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shaming Myself Big Time

I need to do this so please bear with me or alternatively click the red cross to not.

I need to shame myself into losing some weight.

This is the printout from the scales in town last week.  I bought a smartcard that tracks and prints each weighing session so I can keep a track on the same scales.

16 stones is a hefty amount of poundage and it NEEDS to go. 

My plan is to make use of the exercise DVDs I have and go on longer dog walks than normal.  I am going to have to cut down on portion sizes.  Last week I got the cookery books out and planned our meals for the week ahead to try and cut down on excess spends.  It was so much easier having an idea what we were having rather than convenience processed crap out of the freezer.  This week I am going to look for some healthier versions.

I will post another printout on 1st December and we will see whether I have stuck to it.


Winnie said...

Well, first of all you have my huge respect for going public with your print-out.

I think that shows you have got the bravery and determination to succeed and I wish you every success.

I'm sure that by December 1 you'll have good news to report as the scales move downwards.

Cal said...

It was a really brave thing to blog this but I'm sure all your readers will offer you lots of support as you do this. You should do a regular diet blog post to document it for yourself. I've seen something like this on other blogs. I'm sure SJ at Little Musings has one. Take a look.
Good luck.

Sarah said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you in this journey. I have neglected my exercise dvds and not watched portions the way I need to, and I am glad to have company as I work to do what I should.