Monday, 15 November 2010

Those Pesky Travelling Scarves

I'm totally up to date on the travelling scarves (like a scrapbook CJ or round robin but with knitting). 

Unfortunately mine got stuck at the first hurdle when the person I sent it to went missing in action and then when they did re emerge and said they had posted it it never turned up with the next person.  I'm not happy but hey ho c'est la vie.  I have started again and sent it to the next person down the line missing out the unreliable one so hopefully I should have something to show for it at the end of the round.

I also joined the next one which is a cable scarf but not enough people are signed up yet so it won't be starting just yet.  I think I will just buy a big ball of aran and send it round with it.  If you fancy it and are on Ravelry and also in europe then you are very welcome.  Infact if you are a knitter and not on Ravelry why not?  It is a massive resource for all things knitting and crocheting related.  I don't know what I would do without it.

There is also another swap thingy which I am part of and that is a bunting swap.  We each knit 4 pieces of bunting for the other participants in their chosen yarn/size and we then get 4 each in return.  We should get 24 triangles back so enough to make a nice length of bunting.  I have asked for mine to be in blues and browns so I can put it in the boys room as it is still lacking something and looks quite plain.

This is another scarf I have started just for me.  It is called the Ruffle Fluff scarf and is fun, mindless knitting once you get past the ruffles which again are fun.

I do have a finished traveling woman but I have no idea how to photograph it at the moment so that will have to follow shortly.

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busybusybeejay said...

Just found your blog and have joined the travelling scarves group.will read a bit more about you ,your family and interests later.