Sunday, 9 January 2011

Another Goal I Forgot

When I was doing my list I forgot one.


I've begun to see it in a different light lately thanks to a handful of people.  They use a variety of tools to publish their blogs and have them linked to facebook so every tool publishes the same blog post to their facebook wall feed.  In some cases this is three or more things saying exactly the same thing.  Most of the time I spend on facebook catching up on news is on my phone and these posts take up quite a bit of screen space. Yes I know I can hide them and on some occasions have. Same goes for the obsessive twitterers. Linking their twitter accounts to their facebook accounts generates an awful lot of updates which to be quite frank I couldn't give a monkeys uncle about.  Twitter is twitter and facebook is facebook and I can't see why the two should have to intertwine. The way I see it - twitter is for frequent updates and facebook is more for less frequent updates and gaming/sharing links etc. I really don't need to know via twitter how many times somebody takes a pee during the day and that is why I don't use it.  I used to but then I saw the light (sorry twitter users). 

I have been guilty of status update overload a bit over the last year but not to the extreme some people have taken it via these publishing tools, twitter etc, boredom, simple self obsession, craving for attention or whatever reason.  I have however taken a step back and wonder how others must have perceived three or so updates in a day.  I think to be honest it is a bit self obsessive and that is not me at all.  I think these social network places turn us into something we are not and for that reason I am taking a step back.  I still do the gaming (farmville and frontierville) but my status updates will be a lot less frequent. That is my goal anyway and I hope I can resist being suckered back in.

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Heather said...

well said Kerry! I've been thinking exactly the same thing this week & I've just added a youtube clip on F/B of someones warning about facebook obsessions. I will be checking in daily but not necessarily updating unless something really exciting happens around here for a change lol xx