Friday, 28 January 2011


This week I have made it a priority to not waste my time on Facebook and get those jobs done that I have put off.

Monday I did my tax return - ok so the deadline date was looming but hey I got it done.

Tuesday I got my sons' passport renewed so he can go on a school trip later in the year.

Wednesday I papered the feature wall in my daughters room.

Thursday I tried (and failed) to get my eldest son to sort out a work experience placement for the summer. Work in progress I think.

Friday I got rid of the grey roots. I bought a different shade to usual called rich chestnut. After mixing it went orange which was rather worrying. I put it on anyway and started to rather panic when after 15 minutes the dye was still bright orange. I had visions of having to find a hat and make a dash to Boots the chemist for another colour. Thankfully it turned brown when the 30 minute development time was up so panic over.


Heather said...

Its scary when that happens!! Well done for leaving FB alone to get stuff done. I deleted my account nearly 3 weeks ago & I havent missed it! lol

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Wow - look at you go! A satisfying week all round, I am sure!