Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Giant Cupcake & Daisies

Last week I got one of those giant cupcake silicone baking tin thingies.  The kids couldn't wait to have a go with it.  This is the first attempt (there hasn't been a second yet!)

My middle son wanted to use black food colouring for some reason!!! It turned out grey and with the yellow sugar and white chocolate stars it didn't look too bad.  I used a 300g mix (300g flour, 300g sugar, 300g butter plus 5 eggs).  It was very greasy which could be from spraying the mould with cooking spray as recommended.  I have seen it done on youtube with flour instead so I might try sprinkling some inside next time to stop it sticking.  I will also invest in some piping bags for the icing next time aswell.

This is the inside

Last week was a crazy time of meetings, brownie stuff, school stuff, engineers visiting and appointments bunched in with all the usual day to day running of the house.

My dryer had blown two thermostats in six weeks.  The engineer gave me a lesson on overloading on tuesday when he came to fix it and then lo and behold it blew again on sunday with just a few school shirts in. Definitely not overloaded so I think there may be a different problem going on.  It lasted over two years on the very first stat and during that time it may have been overloaded on many different occasions lol. 

Tuesday also saw the tv engineer coming to do a digital switchover upgrade for my son.  He is the only one with a tv in his room and it is very old but they offered it for free so who was I to say no.  OH MY GOSH what a fiasco.  He had to take the wire from the front of the house to the back through two bedrooms but he didn't clip the wire to the wall he just left it loose apart from when it had to go round a door frame and then he did use clips.  He even had it pulled tight over the radiator pipes.  I hadn't seen what a mess he had made until he had gone. He was careful to just show me the room with the sat box in.  I was on the phone to the company who sent somebody else out a couple of days later.  He looked shocked at how it had been done and said he couldn't understand why the previous guy hadn't just taken the cable over the roof.  He ripped it all out and plugged the hole in the wall from the previous man and took it over the roof.

Are you still with me?  Bear with me on it

Anyways I left him to it and a few minutes later my phone rang.  It was the engineer stuck on the roof. He had lost his footing and the part he was on was very slippy so he wanted me to open the loft window to get back in.  Bless him he even took his shoes and socks off.

Job done and middle son now has his own little corner of technology.

He needs this little bit of chillout zone at the moment.  That autism fairy isn't being kind at the moment but enough said about that.

I'll leave you with some flowers from my pots which are being infested with bugs.


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Zoe said...

Your cake looks nicer than mine. I used far too much mixture. Thanks for the tip about Lakeland and for you nice words about the crochet.