Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday Adventure

Yesterday we set off for a walk by the river and ended up on a little bit of an adventure.

It all started quite well. We followed the river

and i took a few photos along the way

I'm not a plant expert so I'm not even going to attempt to name any of these

and there was also cuckoo spit. Now I know it isn't real actual spit from cuckoos but I have no idea what it is.

Flying Daisy dog who managed to snap her halti while we were out!

Look it's a snail orgy

I love this bridge for photos but omg what problems it caused a little later on

We carried on following the river for a while longer until it reached the golf course. The path was particularly bad in places and to be honest I don't really want to go that way again soon. Think deep ruts and mud!

This point is where it all went wrong. We knew where we were and walking across the car park would have brought us to the main road and a half hour walk home. There was a signpost for a public footpath saying 1 mile to the point where the donkeys were when we walked by the river at Easter. We decided to follow it and so far it was fine. We reached a train crossing via a stile which proved a problem for Daisy dog. She refused to climb and being somewhat on the tubby side couldn't squeeze underneath. Thankfully the fence at the side was a little easier for her to squeeze her ample belly through.

This led to a farmers field with a path through to the other side.

Once we got to the other side the path went to either side. We chose the wrong side and encountered several dead ends. Finding our way back to the right path we worked our way across and YIKES we were actually headed to the top of the aforementioned bridge. Map on the phone to the rescue and it told us what we didn't want to know - that the otherside of the bridge went for a long way without a road etc. Nothing else for it but to try and find a way down but obviously abseiling would be out of the question. We backtracked a bit and found a banking which was a bit of a nightmare and my son said Bear Grylls would have used a rope for lol. We got down and the dogdecided she was stopping in a ditch the wrong way round instead of jumping it.

Thankfully a little walk through some very soggy ground led us back to that bloody bridge and a flipping path down from where we were at the top of it.

3.5 hours to do what would usually take half that time and never more than a couple of miles from home (as the crow flies obviously). It was an adventure and I definitely saw parts of the local area I never knew existed. Best bit was that calories were burnt :)

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Heather said...

lol! what an adventure :) Bet your legs were shouting at you today - mine would be :)