Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Olympic Convoy Is In Town

Yesterday was our turn to have the Olympic torch parade pass through.

I walked up with my littlest man and his class. We managed to grab a kerbside spot amidst the chaos.

My other kids were further along the road and my daughter (who very kindly picked my 13 year old up from school and took him to the event) got a high five off one of the metropolitan police motorcyclists.  The kids I was with loved their pip pipping of their horns.

The atmosphere was fantastic.  The party buses were fab.

One of the coach drivers carrying all the crew slowed down and commented on the handmade torches my sons' class had made which I thought was lovely that their efforts were appreciated.

and then on to the main event.  Over in a flash but providing memories for so many people which will last a lifetime.


Maria Ontiveros said...

So cool to see it pass through so many blogs (I mean towns).

Twinkle Star said...

It passed through our town a few weeks back - we had to get up and out by 7.15am, but is was totally worth it - really is something to behold! Got some fab pictures as we were stood right next to the spot where an 'Olympic kiss' took place - the kids loved it!

Love your pics, so great the kids' efforts were noticed xx