Monday, 18 June 2012

So Ermmm Yes

.......the computer went to the poorly computer hospital and had a consultation with the doctor who determined that backing up all the photos and music (a whopping 190GB worth) and a full reinstall was in order. He also removed multiple viruses and warned that the processor could have sustained some damage.

I brought it home from its trauma and memory loss to fully recover and gradually get to know its friends like iTunes and the internet etc again.

Swing forward a couple of days and I think the warning about processor damage may be right as it is shutting itself down anytime photos are involved. It took many many shut downs and restarts to sync my phone and even then it won't let me put multiple folders of photos onto my phone as I previously could. Editing photos is a complete no no!

The good news I suppose is that it seems to only be iTunes and photos it doesn't like. The Internet is staying on for now which it didn't before and we can now download the latest windows updates which viruses prevented before.

I'm of the mind that it might not be worth getting it looked at again if there are parts needed and why didn't the computer doctor fix it properly? We can't afford a new one so maybe it will have to go somewhere else for fixing this time.

Back to lack of blogging due to computer issues I'm afraid :(((

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