Saturday, 7 July 2012


I've never seen the river as high as it was last night. I'd been meaning to have a walk down during the day but never got around to it so prompted by it being bad enough that BBC main news had reported from the bridge we had a walk down after tea.

We were down there last weekend so I took some vaguely similar shots to compare the levels.

It's hard to convey properly on photos just how powerful the weir makes the river especially when it is so full.

It was so calm and peaceful last week to the point that my daughter and myself were saying that we could see the bottom.
I'm thinking this run off between the river and canal will be significantly higher now.

She is doing a geography degree and the river is the focus of her dissertation but it just isn't safe to work on the banks at the moment. She was taking readings last week along this stretch which as you can see is now flooded.

We didn't venture further along.
This photo was last week and shows some of the debris that collected a little further down river. It was all over the banks aswell.

I can imagine yesterday has produced a significant amount more than this judging by what we were seeing coming down the weir. At one point two tyres were fighting at the bottom of it. The boat wreck (bottom left of this pic from last week) was completely covered and it will be interesting to see if that has withstood such force.

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