Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pad Of Lists

I spotted a notepad in wilkinson the other day full of to do lists.

For a disorganised person such as myself I thought it would be perfect for getting things done. A kick up the backside from my husband about the state of the house always works wonders too.

So today this is my list of 'to do'.

Exercise am and pm is the exercises I have from the physio for my Achilles problem.

Attempt a run - I wrote that last night but I don't think it is going to happen if the pain I felt coming downstairs is anything to go by. Even walking to school was difficult this morning. Probably due to the increase in exercises from physio.

Table - I've spoken about my kitchen table before and it is an ongoing dumping ground. I plan to have a good sort through this morning as it is mostly piles of what I would call crap but what my son calls his stuff. He finishes for the summer after lunch and it needs doing before he stops me filling the wheelie bin. I'm such an evil mum ;)

Next parcel - a parcel to go back today which I've repackaged and is ready to go - tick :)

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