Saturday, 24 November 2012

Right Place Right Time (I Think) Changing Plans

Last week we went to the allotment to get some fence posts in. I say we but really I mean me doing all the lifting and my other half doing his best to keep the fence posts level while I concreted them in. The intense pain from a hernia is preventing him from doing anything more than that.
Anyway he held them steady for me while I used the postcrete I had been lucky enough to win on eBay at a bargain price. 4 new posts in and a couple of old ones pulled up and refixed.

It was a reasonably quick job and I intended going back the next day to get the rest done but the weather and other commitments have prevented that.
As we were getting ready to leave a workman from the estate shouted across that he had some fencing and did we want it. He leant it up near the allotment gates and I carried it all over to our plot. Arms were killing me after that but it was free and I wasn't about to refuse it.

So yes right time and place I think. It means rethinking our original plan of chicken wire and spiky plants. I have no idea how its going to fix to the fence posts as some are round but at the end of the day it's an allotment and doesn't have to be perfect. I'm still going to use spiky hedging as I've got some rosa rugosa and climbing roses already. I'm also going to put chicken wire on aswell to stop those pesky critters burrowing in.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

A job well done - and a free workout, as well!