Tuesday, 8 July 2014

and then there were three

This is Percival

We've had him around 10 days. He didn't have a good start to life being born in somebody's garden. He and his family were eventually taken in by a friend of mine whose relative's garden it was they were born in. Local charities didn't have room so she did a bit of fostering in return for a neutering voucher for the mother.  Mother got neutered as soon as the kittens were weaned and as far as I know was taken in by the lady whose garden she gave birth in.  One went off to a new home and my friend kept one leaving this one needing a forever home. I only had to see a photo to say yes and my husband was won over instantly aswell. 

What difference could one more pet make? We already have two dogs and two kittens who are a year old next month. The answer - a lot of difference. I still thought of Toby and Olly as kittens before we got Percival but in comparison they are adults. The main difference I guess is food and poop. More of both! 

He is quite a confident little chap and took to the dogs almost straightaway. Apart from an initial hiss on the first day he has been very accepting of them sticking their noses right up to him. They don't seem to be bothered in the least bit by his presence. The other cats still won't let the dogs that close.  Just after this picture he rolled onto his back and just allowed her to sniff him. 

The cats on the other hand have been less accepting. Toby is much better with him than Olly and seems to have accepted his little brother. 

Olly on the other hand is probably at a tolerating stage at the moment. He has hissed a lot and generally stayed away from him.  Olly's favourite position is parrot esque on top of my son's shoulder.

The last couple of days though all three cats have been in the same room voluntarily so progress is definitely happening. 

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Maria Ontiveros said...

What a little cutie! This gives me such hope as we're adding a new kitten to our mix of two dogs and one cat tomorrow!