Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Photo Challenge

Linking in with the psbloggers photo challenge. I'm going to try and keep up but I'm not promising because we all know where that leads. 

ps bloggers = plus size bloggers - I guess I qualify since I'm no skinny minny anymore. I was though when prompt 2 was taken. Prompt 2 is throwback Thursday but since today is also my daughter's 23rd birthday I chose one of both of us. Taken on a beach in the south of France in the summer of 1993 when she was a year and a bit and I was only 21. 

The first prompt was selfie. Selfies are WAY out of my comfort zone but here goes complete with granny roots and a few more stones than in 1993

I'm not sure if there is a central blog post anywhere for this challenge as I found it via Instagram. The hashtag over there is #psbloggeraprilchallenge if you fancy playing along. 

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