Saturday, 4 April 2015

Saturday Plans

The prompt today is Saturday plans. Today is different to most Saturdays. Usually my youngest is playing rugby league so the day is centered around that since they kick off at 1130 in his age group. If it is away there is usually travel plus afterwards there is a food and a certificate presentation so it's generally mid afternoon before we are back home. 

This week there isn't a game though with it being easter. Instead they met for a game of zorb football which he loved

This morning was food shopping. I don't usually do it on a Saturday but because the shops are closed tomorrow and the cupboards are bare it just had to be done

My other plan for today was sewing in a gazillion ends on a work project. Ticked that one off too thank goodness. I hate sewing ends in. 

I would have liked to fit some allotment time in today but that will have to wait until tomorrow now. 

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