Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Knitting Update

Despite saying the other day that I would NOT be knitting a blood red sock there is still the matter of the socks I was knitting with the yarn I dyed with beetroot that went wrong and ended up being dyed with food colouring.

This picture shows the first one finished. Second one is still in progress - that progress being still on the ball of yarn and not started yet.

Also on the picture is my attempt at the Through The Loops mystery sock using King Kole Zig Zag yarn. A mystery sock is one where a different clue ie piece of pattern is given each week over a period of time - usually a month. This one was for October so I am a bit behind. When I do a mystery sock I generally use two circular needles and do the clue for that particular week for each sock - one sock per needle. It works well for me or rather it did until this sock. My second sock was being completed on a bamboo circular needle and after the leg one end of the needle snapped so once the first one is finished I will have to go back to the second. I also need to buy another needle (not bamboo this time!!)

Another mystery sock started on sunday over on Ravelry and it is slip stitch mosaic knitting. The yarns are some I had from when I was part of the Sockamania sock club that I never used. The original pattern for these yarns was called Bluebell Wood so they are a lovely shade of blue and green. The mystery pattern is called Miss Marple.

Just look at this lazy fat dog - up on the furniture where she is only allowed by invitation and she was not invited.


Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks - I really like the new mosiac one - gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Hi I am from your Blogging class and really liked this post on knitting socks. I also enjoyed the one about To Hat or Not.

I am also a knitter and had never heard of a mystery sock. This sounds intriguing. Where do you go for these mystery sock patterns?