Saturday, 2 October 2010

Anyone For Cupcakes?

Daft question I think. I am always up for cupcakes - especially ones with yummy frosting on top.  Hence the size of my belly and thighs lol.

The Woolgirl cupcake kit landed at my doorstep yesterday.

This is the whole kit. That cupcake flavoured lip balm is on its way to my daughter. She will love it (hopefully)

The project bag, keyring and tag

Cupcake trinket box, stitch marker, pin cushion and pin

the yarn (560 yards of creamy pinky goodness) and the pin cushion again

Not sure whether I will use the yarn for either of the patterns provided or use it to make a lovely long lacy scarf.  It isn't often knitting kits provide so much yardage so I am undecided yet.

1 comment:

Leanne said...

oh i just love this kit!!! soo cute! i am very jelous! the pattens look uber cute too xx