Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Weekend At Center Parcs

Very much needed after the year we have had.

We went to Whinfell Forest. We have been once before to Whinfell in wintertime and a few times to Sherwood at various times of the year but never in October.  I couldn't have hoped for nicer weather.

This was the lodge we stayed in.  It was the comfort plus variety. 20 Meadow View which is about as far away from the village centre as it is possible to get so lots of walking involved.  Not complaining though because the surroundings are beautiful making it a pleasure.

and the back view

This window is amazing

Blogger is playing up so I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.


Rach said...

We love it up there and have been a number of times now. I think it might be time we had a look at going again.

Lizzie said...

Looks and sounds lovely! I think I would like it there too.

I'm having trouble with blogger just now as well. today I could only load one photo per post edit. I had to keep saving it, returning to the list of posts and editing the same post again, just so I could load my photos! I wish they'd stop "Improving" Blogger... sighs...