Saturday, 9 October 2010


I have heard a lot about the Furminator but was always put off by the cost.  The large dog one was anything upwards of £25 so when I saw that Amazon had them at greatly reduced prices, mine was £6.97 including postage, I just had to get one.

Anybody with dogs will know just how much they shed.  One of mine is a labrador and the other is a labrador cross and both have the same type of coat.  They shed a massive amount of coat and not just at moulting time.  The yellow lab is particularly bad and my carpet has a permanent top layer of blonde hairs despite using the Dyson every day.

I've tried undercoat rakes and they got a lot of the dead down out but there is still a lot left which eventually provides the top layer to the carpet.

The Furminator arrived and I set to work.  Daisy (blonde bimbo lab) was far too giddy to groom her properly but it did remove quite a bit of undercoat.  Charlie (black lab cross) loves being groomed a bit too much at times and gets rather *lets just say amorous*.  He loves his belly combing and the furminator removed lots of undercoat from that area.  Once I managed to get him over his *amorous* stage I used it on the rest of his coat and managed to get a lot more than the undercoat rake has EVER done.

Picture is a bit blurry

I will try using it again on Daisy when she is less giddy but she has been due in season for a couple of weeks now and giddiness and general misbehaviour usually means the season is imminent so I might have to wait a couple of weeks before she will co-operate. 

All in all though with the amount of dead coat it removed from Charlie I would definitely recommend it especially with the current prices on Amazon or even Ebay.  They do them for cats too.

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