Friday, 4 March 2011

Punky Scraps Challenge

This week the challenge at Punky Scraps is to use 3 of the following 5:

black and white photo - tick
flowers - tick
bling - tick

I used a very old picture of me.  I don't often scrap myself so this is a very rare occasion.

This is one of very few photos of me as a child and it shows in full the strawberry mark I had on my face.  This has gone all by itself over time but I do have a scar.  Most of the time I forget about it until somebody asks what it is so I just thought I'd mention it.

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

Lovely page - I like the arrangement of shapes and the flowers. The b&w photo is a great idea with this colour-scheme.
Good that your strawberry mark went all on its own. It's no fun having something like this - not everyone is nice about it and it doesn't help your self-confidence. They can often do stuff to help now - with lasers etc - but it's great that it went away and you don't have to cope with it now. Still, it just looks like a cute beauty spot in that photo!