Saturday, 19 March 2011

Weekend Showcase

Welcome to the weekend showcase - the place to show off something you are proud of this week.

To show off please enter the link to your proud show off item in the inlinkz box below.

This week I taught myself how to crochet.  Well I kind of did! This is my first project which will be this bag.  It is riddled with errors but I'm using it as a learning project and since I plan to use it as a project bag which only my family will see anyway then errors are fine.


Lizzie said...

That will be a gorgeous bag - even with the odd hiccup! I love the colours you have chosen.
One day I will crochet a bag... when I get time... hee hee!

Lizzie said...

I just realised I'm the first linkie again this week. Does that mean I'm too keen, got a big head, or is it just because I live in UK and have had my lunch, but all the USA people are still in their jammies?
I am proud of my photo album though. It is so pretty!