Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Long overdue but our living room has finally been decorated by my own hands.

I bought this paper in B&Q in June at a bargain price of £1 per roll reduced down from £22.98.  At the time I wasn't sure which wall I wanted to put it on but at a total cost of only £4 for the 4 rolls they had left I wasn't walking away from it.

I stripped the paper from the longest wall in the room and then had second thoughts.  Roll forward to August and nothing further had been done.  I then had the idea that I would use the paper for the chimney breast but since it was the school holidays nothing was really going to get done until the kids had gone back to school.

During that time I realised that the long wall needed some paper aswell and I figured that even if I was lucky enough to find some more of the same at that price it would maybe be too much pink for one room.  I found some this in Homebase of their extra value range at £4.98 a roll which I actually quite liked.

Roll forward time again to September and the kids going back to school and us getting back into a routine again.  I stripped the chimney breast, painted the walls which weren't being papered and did all the gloss (I hate that job).  Finally last week I started on the papering.

This shot shows the Arthouse pink stuff on the chimney breast but also the Homebase stuff through the mirror.

I had quite a puzzle with the pink paper.  It looks upside down but that is the way it comes off the roll.  I tried it the other way up but it didn't look right either so ended up just going with how it is shown on the B&Q website.

That hurricane lamp was another bargain.  M&S this time and was only £6 reduced from £15.  I like my bargains.

Not entirely sure about that back wall because it is currently empty.  I have some collage type leather photo frames so might use those or try and find a nice picture.  The trouble with pictures though is that I get bored of them very quickly.  See the canvas on the cream wall?  That was another sale purchase - £10 from Next.  I'm not sure about its position either. It may well end up in a different room yet.

Just need to get a new carpet now but that won't be until next year.


Sarah said...

Looks lovely! love the pink lamp!! We decorated our lounge earlier in the year, still not quite finished it!! x

dogmatix said...

Lovely room. Especially like the chimney wall paper. :) U could put letters up on that initials of family etc?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't wallpaper any more, too lazy I guess!!

Gill in Canada