Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WIP Wednesday and One Naughty Doggie

Thanks for the feedback on the little trees.  I have decided to make some more for the craft fair.  I made a pink one with some sparkly yarn which is horrible to work with because it is so scratchy so I switched to some white yarn I had with a thin sparkly thread running through it. I used it doubled.  It is really soft in comparison and I'm loving adding the little beads to it.  For WIP (work in progress) Wednesday here is a pic of the pink one and one of the white ones which needs stitching and the yarn with the beads threaded on for the next few. I'm going to do one with yellow, one with red and one with pink/blue.  For more WIPs this Wednesday head on over to Tami

My newly decorated living room is no more - one very naughty dog who goes by the name of Daisy did this during the course of two nights.  She only usually chews things when she is about to come into season.  She is very very irregular with her seasons and we never really know when to expect it.

Shredded christmas gift guide from Asda aswell all over the room.  You know that saying about the dog messing up your homework well in this house if it is left out at her time of the month then it WILL get shredded. The little madam knew she had done wrong and took herself to bed when she was found out this morning.

It is now sprayed with a puppy deterrent and once I get a chance I will sand it down, maybe mix a bit of the deterrent with some paint and repaint it and then spray it again. 


Stacey said...

Adorable trees...

bad doggie!

Vivianne said...

Oh my, that *is* naughty :(