Friday, 4 November 2011

Punky Scraps Challenge 33

This week the challenge over at Punky Scraps is a two parter to take inspiration from.

We were given a quote and a photo by Nat

Now I don't swear - well not the f word or other really big ones - so I do apologise if anybody is offended by the quote. 

However it really did strike a chord with me. Having had a few really bad days with the little one and his aspergers outbursts (mainly due to frustration because his thought processes are very different to normal people) I read the quote again and thought yes I really need to do just that.  I am the worlds worst for over analysing absolutely everything and sometimes it is difficult for me to move on from one of his meltdowns. I am still wound up but he is nice and calm and the perfect child most people see his as again. Mind it took 4 hours the other day for him to reach that stage and all over something really silly in my mind but in his it was very big. Even the tallest, ever patient, big brother had reached a stage of losing his temper with him. 

Anyway MOVE ON is what I must learn to do and not just in this situation but in other situations too which really mean absolutely nothing at all. I'm a terrible grudge bearer and I think trying to live a bit more by this quote might help with that a little bit too.

So here is what I made with those two fab pieces of inspiration


Cheryl said...

love how this quote is reaching different people in different ways. Your boy - it's hard to deal with, hard to talk about too I imagine. But I'm glad he's doing better for the moment. x

WillieburgScrapper said...

Hi Kerry. I have a nephew with autism so I have a small idea of what you go through on an hourly basis. When my nephew visits I get a glimpse of my brother's daily parenting life and I hug him and make sure to let him know he rocks because his patience and ability to bounce back is tested every minute. I would love to do the same with you. This is a beautiful page- love the simple design and the elements you chose- fave for me. ;)

Ashley Van Etten said...

I think your page is fantastic!! I am so sorry about your little one. I know it can be very difficult.

misty said...

Awesome and inspiring page! My heart goes out to you and your son, I'm sure that there are a lot of difficulties that come with this diagnosis and I want you to know you are a hero to me! Sounded really cheesy, I know, but its so hard being a mom anyway, sooo this makes you even more amazing!

Lisa said...

I also have a son with autism, more in the Asperger range, and I feel your frustrations! It is interesting to me that these kiddos can have a 4 hour meltdown and then it's like it never happened-to them! They seem so capable of just moving on, leaving the past in the past. And it is so hard for the rest of the family to let go as we deal with the aftermath, and the egg-shell walking as we anticipate when the next blowup will be. I love your page, I LOVE the photo you chose to go with it, and am sending you a virtual hug from one A-mom to another. :)