Saturday, 19 May 2012

Need More Practice

I'm definitely in need of more practice with my bridge camera.

We went for a little walk up the river this morning and I took it with me under my coat because it was spitting a little bit with rain.  I really messed up with the settings in manual and couldn't get it to do anything other than a very over exposed white shot so I had to switch to automatic.  Not happy with myself for that.

Anyway these are some of what I got.

I switched to portrait mode for this one and I quite like it in comparison to the others shot in automatic.

This one was in automatic but is without a doubt my favourite out of the bunch of shots.

Off in search of an idiots guide to shutter speeds and aperture stuff so I can have a practice and not end up with a rubbish lot of photos next time.

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JulieJ said...

I haven't really got to grips with manual yet - I don't even know how to actually change things on my camera so you are one step ahead of me. once I have got it, my plan is to take a photo in auto and take note of the camera settings (it comes up on the photo display) and then set the camera to that in manual mode. From there it should be relatively easy to tweak different things and see what happens. Do it often enough and it should start to come naturally.