Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So What Do You Wear.....

for the school run?

I saw this article yesterday about mums who blog their outfits for the school run.

Now I've seen the 'what I wore for church' brigade and if I'm honest I avoid them like the plague because a) they are always dress type people and I just don't wear dresses unless they are over jeans and b) it is very rare that I dress up enough to be acceptable at church unless it is in my brownie leader uniform. Oh and there is a c) the poses annoy me for no particular reason

However this one drew my curiosity because to be completely honest with you I've never seen a fashion parade at the school gates.  The article mentions they wear high street, budget and supermarket brands now I have to say that the high street stores mentioned such as Hobbs (never heard of it), French Connection, Gap, Zara are high end price range and definitely not somewhere most people can afford even at sale times. We do have a local Gap outlet which occasionally has bargains in weird sizes.  Just over the last few days alone one of the ladies who blogs about school gate fashion has spent £179 in M&S on shoes. I don't have money to spend that much on shoes in a couple of years let along a couple of days!  More shocking to me is that she has her new shoes on the table - big no no in my house.  Not having had the time to read her blog properly I won't say that there aren't any budget shops such as Primark modelled because there may be. 

First impressions aren't making me think - oh yes lets see what xyz wore for school today. It is more a case of lets see how many names she can throw around and let us all know that she has way more disposable income available to her than the majority of the country.
If I were to blog what I wore everyday to take my little man to school it would get very boring very quickly. 

So lets take today as an example - pretty average morning - we always walk to school - no luxury of a second car but to be honest I would walk anyway even if I did have the choice so comfy shoes which were reduced to a silly price which evades me at the moment in Freemans catalogue,

black linen trousers from Next which were £20 but have been a lifesaver this last week after an op on my leg which has prevented me from wearing my usual jeans,

black long sleeved tshirt from Dorothy Perkins which was about £10 last winter,

dress by Joe Browns again reduced in Freemans catalogue and I have to say very poor quality and probably not even worth the reduced price,

grey knitted cardigan which was £10 in the Next sale a couple of years ago and has been worn and worn and worn

Oh and a lovely full length compression stocking that I have to wear for a while yet after my op but you didn't really need to know that.

so yeah like I said boring!

and I went out with wet hair and virtually no make up.

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