Friday, 18 May 2012

Taking A Back Seat....

and watching the world of Facebook without joining in as much (on the rare times I do go on it) can be quite amusing amongst other things.

I love the hobby of people watching (is there such a hobby?). I find it amazing sitting somewhere and watching the world unfold. There is a certain shopping complex, we visit occasionally, where the food court looks over the hustle and bustle of the shoppers. Everybody is a different from size to shape and habits. It's fascinating at times.

Facebook is kind of the same but without the visual picture of most people. Obviously there are those friends who we know in everyday life and we can picture them saying what they are writing on the book of face. Others we have never met and most likely never will so can only imagine what they really look and sound like.

I've tried to take a back seat recently and watch rather than join in with conversations where I don't know the people in everyday life. Observations are fascinating about how people behave. Some are nice and I doubt would ever say anything bad about anybody. Others are not so nice. Others are all 'me me me' and never bother to answer any questions asked about a status update. I find that ignorant. Some who I do know in day to day life are habitual liars and I have to chuckle at how blatant some of the lies have been. Not forgetting those who feel the need to tell everybody exactly where they are and what they are doing at every moment of the day and night! No need but that's my opinion and other people might like to see that.

I did set up a Facebook page thing for the shop the other day which is Hereif you fancy a like of it.

I have a love hate relationship with the book of face and I think the back seat may be continuing for a while. I just don't feel the need to update pointless information at the present time.


Andrew said...

Your Facebook page looks lovely..

JulieJ said...

So with you on the FB thing. Read so many posts about how wonderful some kid in DD's class is, start feeling inadequate and then get the reality check that actually they aren't doing any better than she is at all.
It's the posts wishing their young children happy birthday that make me laugh. They're not on FB they won't/can't read it - they are in the house with you FGS - tell 'em in person!!!!!!!!

elenigratsia said...

I love 'Fake Book' simply because I'm able to connect with so many different people in my life [work / hobby / family / school buddies] separately under one roof!
But I did have a giggle when I overheard two students talking saying what they would write on their Status Update and that for sure they would get 100 likes!!!!
Personally some days I would just prefer a DISLIKE button!!! :) :) :)