Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crafty Creatives

Crafty Creatives is a box full of craft goodies each month with a theme.

I joined last month and that box was a nautical theme. This month is an oriental theme. There is a lot of stuff in these boxes. Most of it I'm having to think outside the box to use it and time hasn't been on my side so far but as soon as I find that extra hour in the day I'll have a go.

Anyway this is a spoiler of the oriental box from this month.
It comes nicely packaged

There is always a stunning art card just underneath the wrapping which has the box contents on the reverse. This month it was a fish design

and a little look at what was underneath

and all the contents which includes a gorgeous piece of red fabric

How much I'll use, apart from the fabric, I really don't know because oriental isn't my cup of tea. It's a nice selection if oriental is your thing (we won't mention the peel offs).

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JulieJ said...

Now I know peel offs can be a bit naff, but i've been given gold lantern peel offs in an oriental kit and they looked quite nice arranged banner style from a gold thread and the space filled with a red gel pen.