Sunday, 2 September 2012

Getting The Ass Into Gear

you may or most probably may not have noticed my absence from the blogging world recently.  I have no explanation other than sheer laziness.  I could blame the school holidays and all that entails with 4 kids of which 2 are autistic but I'm not going to.  It is my own couldn't be bothered itis.

I had a bit of a sort out enforced by scrounging a new kitchen cupboard off my sister that she was getting rid of and came across an album from one of those classes you start and never finish (yes you know what I mean you scrapbook person).  This was one where we took photos and documented a certain day each month, in this case 25th, and scrapbook it.  The album was from 2008 and I had a bit of a heart stopping wake up call in the form of my bathroom scales from early 2008.  I now weigh over 2 stones more in weight and if I'm totally honest I am disgusted as at that time I documented that it was too much.  It is and I don't have any excuses.  I could sit down (yes that contributes a lot to the weight gain) and blame it on so many different factors, the main one being my ankles.  I could blame my youngest starting school and me having one less walk to make each day but you know what they are just that - EXCUSES. Yes I've got a bad ankle and I can't do high impact exercise at the moment but I can walk.  I have to walk to school twice a day and to town but other than stand in the park with the dogs I don't do much else.  That is something I have sat down (yes sat down again and it doesn't help) and realised I really need to do more of. I should take the dogs for longer walks for their benefit as much as mine and I will.  I will be taking the pedometer with me too.

Eating is another thing that I really need to rein in.  Portion sizes are getting out of control and I eat way too much crap.  It helps that my wonderful other half is on a bit of a health kick at the moment so he is definitely my inspiration. If he can do it then so can I. 

As for the ankle - I've been seeing a physio for a few weeks and he has gradually increased the exercises I have to do.  There have been times that I have been in more pain than before physio and I began to wonder whether it was ever going to feel better.  One particular exercise I stuck with but it proved too much and he told me to drop it but replaced it with a different one involving a thera-band which is hard work but I am already feeling the benefit.

During last night I got a cramp in my calf though and today it is quite sore but I'm not using it as an excuse.


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