Thursday, 20 March 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 2

The daffodils started blooming at the allotment about 3 weeks ago. Nothing like a flower in a cheerful colour to brighten the mood. 

I'm pretending those docks aren't there but I can see a major invasion of them this year. Along with the nettles and dandelions.

Speaking of dandelions - I got the bed dug this morning that I started yesterday and most of the bed where I had some peas last year. That one wasn't nearly as bad as the first thank goodness apart from a bramble that seems to have come from nowhere but I got the root up so hopefully it's gone now. It's a mess but this photo shows the two days and 1 hour total time digging. That next one which looks very grassy had root veg in which I left over winter. Next on the list once the second one is finished. 


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